Introducing Tacts ~ Simply the Best iPhone Contact Manager

In late 2009, TernTek began a journey to create an app that makes connecting to contacts as easy as possible.
Our priorities were to provide a familiar and simple UI design so iPhone users can start using this app without reading instructions.  However, we wanted to make sure the visual design had punch and would further enhance usability.  Finally we gave this app intelligence so it can off load work from our users.
So after more than 6 months of development and 22 intense design meeting, TernTek is proud to present Tacts.


  1. I Love thelook and feel of this app, but one thing really bothers is that after dialing a phone from tacts, when the phone call ends i am returned to the default iphone contact app, instead of returning back to Tacts. So after every call i need to close the iphone contacts and open tacts again…
    please make it so after calling you get returned to the tacts screen.

    keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for comment and praise. Unfortunately iOS currently does not provide the API for calling direct from 3rd party apps. However, we still have hope that they may provide this capability in the future. Once they do, this will be a top priority update for us.

    In the mean time, we are developing a highly demanded feature that we are sure our users will love. Stay tuned!


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