First we would like to thank all our user who provided valuable feedback to help improve Tacts. Here we would like to introduce some of highly anticipated features and fixes included in this latest release of Tacts.

1. More Cute Group Icons
Want to decorate Tacts to be more festive during the holiday season? We added 20 holiday icons and also a few more beverages to help you celebrate. Any icons that you would love to have added?

2. Japanese Kana, Chinese PinYin and ZhuYin Indexes
Most apps out there provide indexes that sorts Chinese characters by individual characters themselves. With thousands of unique characters, this solution will end up adding lots of table view sections with only a single contact. Tacts provides a better solution by sorting Chinese characters phonetically using systems that are well know by native users. We are dedicated to helping you find your contacts faster.

3. New Quick Access Buttons in Contact View
These are short cut buttons at the top of the contact view that allow you to quickly add favorites or modify group membership with a single tap.   If you need to quickly look up contact information to call using a landline or tell a friend, the new “Info” button will display detailed contact information.

4. Expanded Language Support
In addition to the previously supported English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Tacts now supports Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German and French and thus making Tacts even easier to use for more user worldwide.

5. Smart Groups can now also send group emails and SMS!

TernTek has also terminated a few annoying bugs.

External Contact Group Membership
* iOS4.2.1 users could not add contacts from external sources (Exchange and Google Sync) to iPhone’s native groups.
* Tacts is to our knowledge to first contact manager app to create a work-around for this issue.

Search Stability
* Search is no longer affected by low memory conditions and now consistent and stable.

Traditional Chinese Index Crash
* iOS4.2.1 Traditional Chinese users can now safely go to the end of the index safely.

Thats it for now, but do expect more features and improvements to Tacts in the future. Thanks to all our users’ positive and critical reviews. They are all invaluable to us. Remember that if you have an issue, please open a ticket with us so we can work closely with you to understand and resolve any issues.