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How to Build an Arcade Stick : Easy, High Quality and Affordable

The goal of this project is to make an affordable high quality arcade stick (or fightstick) in the easiest way possible. I recently discovered Retropie and got excited about playing some classic arcade games. I really wanted to play games like Street Fighter, Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters, so I decided to make a fightstick. There are lots of resources on DIY fightsticks and most of them involve lots of wood working skills, equipment and time. Instead of building a wooden fightstick case from scratch, it would be faster and easier to use a pre-built storage case purchased online or just laying around your house. Parts and Materials Here are the materials you’ll need: Joystick and Buttons – Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick – Seimitsu PS-14-GN-C (30 mm) x8 – Seimitsu PS-14-DN-C (24 mm) x2 or x6 – M4 screws x4 and washers x4 (mount joystick) For joystick and buttons I went with high quality Sanwa and Seimitsu joystick and buttons. Tested has a great article on selecting joystick and buttons. I chose screw type buttons, since they don’t require precision drilled holes and can be installed on thicker panels. You will need two 24 mm buttons for menu actions such as Start and Select. If you use Mode, Turbo, Auto and Clear, obtain six 24 mm menu buttons instead. Electronics – PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB: Japan Style...

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Getting Started with iOS (iPhone) Development

Here are some slides we put together for friends who are interested in developing iPhone applications. These slides give a simple introduction to what one needs to prepare in terms of accounts, software and hardware. We also briefly mention what you need to learn before you can develop iPhone apps namely C, Objective-C and the iOS SDK. Finally we wrap up the talk by giving some advice on how to design iPhone apps. iOS Development: Getting...

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Resources for Learning iOS / iPhone Development

We are getting to know more and more people who are interested in iOS development, so we would like to provide a list of resources that we found helpful in learning this trade. We hope to improve this list as time goes on, feel free to comment and tell us about other useful learning tools (web sites, tutorials, videos, books, etc.) for iOS / iPhone development. Starting from Scratch If you are don’t have much programming background, we recommend learning to C language to start with. Resources: * C Programming Language – classic text book to gain a solid background in C Learning the Language: Objective-C Once you have a good grasp of C, then you can learn the Objective-C the language used for iOS development. It is probably a good idea to also have some Object Oriented programing background before you begin. Resources: * Programming-Objective-C – solid introduction to Objective-C * Cocoa Programming for Mac OSX – a good intro, but not all chapters are relevant to iPhone programming * The Objective-C Programming Language – Apple introduction to the language. * Cocoa Dev Central – concise short tutorials to Objective-C and Cocoa Beginning iPhone Programming Now start learning the basics of iOS development with these resources. Resources: * iPhone Programming – not read yet, but on my wish list * Beginning iPhone Development Exploring the SDK – good...

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Mass SMS Friends with Tacts Mini this New Years

TernTek Releases Tacts Mini a Free Contact Manager for iPhone. TAIPEI (December 30, 2010) – Just in time for the New Years, TernTek has released Tacts Mini that is capable of sending group SMS and Emails to your friends and family for the New Years. Tacts Mini is a free version of the Tacts contact manager for the iPhone. Tacts Mini comes with comprehensive group management features missing in the default Contacts app. Additionally, Tacts Mini also adds intelligence by dynamically generating a Top Contacts list that is based on call frequency, time and location. Users requiring features such as Smart Groups, additional group icons and would like to disable ads, can upgrade to the full version of Tacts. TernTek is an app developer based in Taiwan that is dedicated to bring it’s users the best iPhone contact manager...

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Tacts 1.2.0 is available!

First we would like to thank all our user who provided valuable feedback to help improve Tacts. Here we would like to introduce some of highly anticipated features and fixes included in this latest release of Tacts. 1. More Cute Group Icons Want to decorate Tacts to be more festive during the holiday season? We added 20 holiday icons and also a few more beverages to help you celebrate. Any icons that you would love to have added? 2. Japanese Kana, Chinese PinYin and ZhuYin Indexes Most apps out there provide indexes that sorts Chinese characters by individual characters themselves. With thousands of unique characters, this solution will end up adding lots of table view sections with only a single contact. Tacts provides a better solution by sorting Chinese characters phonetically using systems that are well know by native users. We are dedicated to helping you find your contacts faster. 3. New Quick Access Buttons in Contact View These are short cut buttons at the top of the contact view that allow you to quickly add favorites or modify group membership with a single tap.   If you need to quickly look up contact information to call using a landline or tell a friend, the new “Info” button will display detailed contact information. 4. Expanded Language Support In addition to the previously supported English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Tacts...

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