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iapp Review: [Recommended] Tacts Smart iPhone Contact Manager App 8.8/10

Special thanks to 小編 and iapp for taking time to give their readers a such a detailed review of Tacts.  This is our first review in Chinese! Here is the conclusion from this article: “整理來說Tacts是一款不管在視覺上面(小編是買iPhone4黑色剛好)黑色調性搭配彩色的簡單圖示真的很漂亮,而智慧群組的多功能更是小編推薦的原因,貼心的喜好項目設定更是再次打中小編的心! 就在小編準備打滿分的時候,卻發現點選聯絡人進行通話結束後卻不是跳回Tacts,而是原來的通訊錄,讓整個UI流暢度扣了一些分數阿! 如果玩家的聯絡人需要好好的管理一下,那就請Tacts來協助你吧!” Here is my best effort at translating this text ^^ “In summary, Tacts is an App that not only has a visual design, with a black theme matched with colorful and simple icons, that is really beautiful.  Also having multiple intelligent features is another reason for 小編’s recommendation.  The thoughtful Favorites configuration design has again struck (a chord with) 小編’s heart! Just...

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How To Redeem Promo Code from iTunes

Promo codes can only be redeemed using the US app store.  The instructions below shows how you can redeem promo codes for people who have non-US iTunes accounts. Step 1: Login iTunes and go to “iTunes Store -> App Store”. Step 2: Change to the US app store. Click on the flag at the bottom and selecting the “United States” flag. Step 3: Create an US account. If you have a gmail account, you can use the same email address by adding a “.” into your email address. (e.g., are the same email address). Step 4: Look for the “Redeem” button at the bottom of iTunes. Step 5: Press redeem button and enter the promo code that you received. There is no need to provide credit card information.  Just go to the next step. Step 6: Then iTunes will display the following downloading status for the...

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