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Tacts 1.4.2 is Now Available!

We have just launched Tacts 1.4.2.   This new update includes SkypeOut integration, MMS and new group icon sets。 [SkypeOut Integration] Tacts now makes it easy for you to use SkypeOut to call your contacts.  Tacts contact view now features a second page which provides a Skype button.  Pressing this button automatically launches Skype and calls your contact without having to copy/paste phone numbers. What are the benefits for using Skype via Tacts? Finding contacts is easier with Tacts compared to Skype.  So you can now use Tacts as an entry point for making Skype calls. You can create “Skype favorites” in favorite list as a short cut for contacts you Skype often. [MMS] Tacts MMS button allows you to attach files easily by launching the native Message app. You can also create “MMS favorite” in favorite list for quick access. [New Icon Sets] Tacts 1.4.2 also introduces four new sets of group icons.  You can purchase these icons via the app store or using virtual silver and gold currencies.  We hope these icon brings your groups to life! Jack’s Beans NiNi’s Cottage Metal Icons Tin...

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Tacts 1.4.0 is Now Available!

We have just launched Tacts 1.4.0.   This new update includes some important features. Find your contact by Source iPhone allows users to connect to and sync with external contact directories such as Google or MobileMe. Thus many users has contacts from different contact Sources in their address book. If you sync with multiple address book Sources, most contact managers can only view one Source at a time or are not able to distinguish these Sources. Tacts 1.4.0 creates a special group for each Source. Possible contact sources include: Exchange, MobileMe, LDAP, CardDAV or Local. Now with Tacts, you can quickly access and manage different contact Sources. So what are those colored dots? Within a group, each contact will have a colored dot in front of their name. The color represents which Source a contact is from. For example, yellow represent contacts from an Exchange Source. Customizable sort index You can now choose the language index type for sorting contacts. So if you are using English interface, but have many Japanese contacts, you can use the Kana+Roman index type to properly sort both Japanese and Western contact names. Previously Tacts automatically determined which index is best for users by detecting the system language used. However, some users would like the option to configure the index to accommodate names from other languages as well. Sort by Department In addition to...

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Gift Tacts for Charity

TernTek would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  While we are enjoying this joyous season, we would also like to help make lives of the less fortunate a little better. You can also help.  When you Gift Tacts to friends and family from Dec 9th to 30th, TernTek will donate 3 dollars per gift unit to charity.  You can also help us determine which charity receives the proceeds by voting here. Finally we would like to thank all our customers and fans. May your holiday seasons be filled with joy and peace! Details: 1. TernTek will donate 3 dollars for each unit of Tacts that is purchased using iTunes “Gift This App” feature. 2. This event is independently sponsored by TernTek and is not endorsed by in any way by the charities listed below. Charity Candidates: 1. World Vision 2. The Red Cross Society of The Republic of China 3. UNICEF Thanks to all who participated in this event. TernTek pledged to donate 3 dollars per gift unit to charity. We are happy to get 9 gift downloads during this event. Most People would like TernTek to donate to World Vision. Thanks for your vote. TernTek has donated NT2000 to World Vision. We hope our small donation can help make a difference in the lives of children in need....

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