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Author: Min Tsai

Reaching Out to Gaming Press

We are not finished developing our awesome game! … Now what. I’m now setting aside some time to reach out to press. Here are a couple of references that I found helpful. – How to talk to the video game press in 2013 – Rami’s Taipei Game Developers Forum Talk I summarize a bit of what I learned below. Build Connections. Editors will more likely cover your game if they know you. So introduce yourself at game shows and be part of conversation on social media. I know it doesn’t sound right that editors favor “their friends” over complete strangers, but that is not that point. The people editors know are just acquaintances. Having met these developers and actually playing their game, they will trust that their game is truly special in some way. These editors receive hundreds of emails every week and the need to prioritize, so prioritizing games they trust that are special makes sense. But searching out press during game shows while your are busy taking care of your booth is not an easy task. Personally I have not been that successful in this respect. Most journalist that I meet are ones that drop by our booth proactively. Things that I will try to do in the future is to get press lists early and try to make appointments with press. If that doesn’t work, set...

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Porting from iOS to tvOS ~ Apple TV

After a few weeks of developing with the Apple TV, I thought a share a little about our experience so far. We are currently working on a CO-OP Shoot-em up call Monster Medic and thought it would be great to port it from iOS to tvOS. Monster Medic is originally developed with Sprite Kit for iOS, so tvOS is the easiest platform we can port to. Unfortunately I have decided to suspend the porting process since I believe the tvOS controls do not work well with our game. Monster Medic is designed specifically for touch controls and doesn’t provide nearly the same experience using the Apple TV remote or traditional controllers. Our preview trailer can better explain how the game is played. So some games will not translate well to Apple TV, but I feel there are still a wide range of games that will work perfectly fine with the new platform. Initial Impressions I have been excited about of the Apple TV forth generation from both a consumer and developer’s stand point. As a “dormant” console gamer, it has been years since I owned a console. The last one I had the pleasure to own was the PS1 which was ages ago. I never had the time to justify purchasing an expensive console. Now I can purchase a “console” for less than $150. The device is smaller than...

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Generate Promo Codes with iTunes Connect – 2015

I couldn’t find Promo Codes sections since the iTunes documentation is outdated. To generate Promo Codes with the new iTunes Connect (as of Nov 2015): Click on ‘My Apps’. Click on the app you like to generate codes for. Click on ‘Features’ tab Click on ‘Promo Code’ section in the left vertical menu. Our users also experience problems redeeming app promo codes via iTunes on the computer. The error returned is ‘There was a problem downloading [app name] … ipa could not be found on the server’. However redeeming directly via the “App Store” app on the device works. Tap the ‘Featured’ tab Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Redeem’ Enter code...

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Monster Medic at EGX Rezzed Leftfield 2015

We just got back from EGX Rezzed 2015 in London.  EGX Rezzed is a spring game show that focuses on PC and Indie games.   We were fortunate enough that our game Monster Medic was selected for the highly competitive Leftfield Collection which looks for unique and innovative indie games. There were some really interesting games such as Line Wobbler, Convoy, Fossil Echo, and Magic Shot. Here is a video a few of the games there. Booth Preparations Leftfield Collection provided us with free stand space, however the space was quite limited.  The games all shared same wall and table and each game had about 1 meter of space available.  It was also requested that our posters were no larger than A4 in size, however we could draw on the wall behind us.  This is how our booth looked like. It was really hard to catch attention with the small A4 size images, so our artist drew our game theme on the wall.  I believe this was helpful since some people did mention that the liked the wall art.  Given a more space, we would have added: 1. Larger poster 2. Big signs for “2P CO-OP Shooter” 3. Large screen TV to run a trailer Stating the type of game is important so we quickly communicate what our game is and effectively attract our target customers.  Having a large screen...

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Macworld Tacts Review: Contacts manager offers better support for groups 3.5/5 mice

We are excited to get a warm review of Tacts from Derik DeLong of Macworld. Here is a excerpt from the review: “The group facilities in Tacts are top notch. While Apple’s own Contacts does nothing more than display groups and the contacts that belong to them (which must be set on a computer and synced into the phone), Tacts can create groups, delete groups, add contacts to groups, and even create smart groups. You define those smart groups by rules based on the contents of the contacts (which, sadly, don’t include user-added fields). … Tacts is worthwhile for anyone...

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