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iOS 7
After upgrading to iOS7, Group Text does not work.
iOS 7.0 through 7.2 have serious performance issues when composing group text. A white compose view will appear, but will require several seconds to properly display and with large groups the compose view will dissappear.

Apple has been informed of this issue and should hopefully address this in the future iOS releases. Unfortunately this is a system issue, so this affects all group text apps at this time. If you rely on group text and are still using iOS6.0, we recommend delaying update of iOS7. Please check back and we will update you once this issue has been fixed.

How can I set the default view to Favorites or Groups?
Modify the "Default View" setting for Tacts by:

  • Open your iPhone's "Settings" app
  • Tap on "Tacts" row near the bottom
  • Tap the "Default View" row
  • Select "Favorites" or "Groups" option

Next time Tacts gets killed and relaunched, the configured default view will be shown.
How can control which address book source new contacts get added to?
Configure the default account used to add contacts by:

  • Open the iPhone's "Settings" app
  • Tap on the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" row
  • Scroll down to the "Contacts" section and tap on "Default Account"
  • Then select address book source you like

To add a new contact to a specific source without changing the "Default Account" setting:
  • Tap on "Groups" in Tacts
  • Tap on the desired address book source (CardDAV/iCloud, Exchange, Local, etc.) at the top section
  • Tap the "arrow" button at the top right corner
  • Select the "Add New Contact"

Contacts added this way will be added to the address book source selected.
iOS 6.x
I have upgraded to iOS 6.x and Tacts does show my contacts.
For iOS 6.x, Tacts requires permission to access Contacts. Please enable access to Contacts:

  • Update to the latest version of Tacts(1.5.3+)
  • Open iPhone's Setting app
  • Tap Privacy > Contacts > Tacts > On
  • Reboot your phone, then launch Tacts

Tacts should then be able to properly access your contacts again.
I am not able to send Email or SMS messages.
Tacts 1.5.2 and 1.5.1 has a problem displaying the SMS composer interface. Please update to Tacts 1.5.3 which fixes this issue.

Version 1.5.0
I upgraded to Tacts 1.5.0 and my in-app purchases are not available?
Version 1.5.x has a bug that causes Tacts not recognize previous purchases. If you purchased items using App Store please restore your purchases by:

  • Tap "Groups" view
  • Scroll to the very bottom and tap "TernTek"
  • Tap "Restore Purchases"
  • Enter your password and wait for the App Store to respond. This may take a couple minutes.
  • Alert are displayed when purchased items are restored.

Unfortunately for users who purchased items using virtual coins, there is no way of recovering the purchases at this point in time. We deeply apologize for this issue.
Group SMS
Why can't I send group SMS with iOS5?
With some carriers, iOS5 will send only iMessages and not SMS for group messaging. Please turn off the following settings:
  • Group Messaging: Setting App -> Messages -> Group Messaging
  • iMessage: Setting App -> Messages -> iMessage
Why can't I send group message to more 10 or more contacts.?
The number of possible group messages may depend on your carrier. If you are using AT&T, you can increase the number of messages sent to by turning OFF the "Group Messaging" setting.

You can find this setting here:
  • Setting App -> Messages -> Group Messaging
Tacts KeyPad
How to change keypad searching languageļ¼Ÿ
iPhone setting > Tacts > index language
Search Function
Search function stops working?
Tacts 1.2.2 resolves this issue.
If your search function still stops working, a short term work around is to restart Tacts. This can be accomplished by:
  1. Double click the home button on iPhone
  2. Tap and hold the Tacts icon until it starts shaking
  3. Tap the minus button at the top of the Tacts icon
Google Sync
Why can't I add contacts from Google Sync to a group?
iOS4.2.1 prevents all contact managers from adding contacts that are synced from Google or Exchange server to any iPhone contact groups. Please upgrade to Tacts 1.2.0+ which provides a workaround for this issue.
Top Contacts
Why is Top Contacts blank right after launch?
Tacts needs a little time to calculate who your current Top Contacts are.
How do I clear Top Contact history?
Open iPhone's Setting App, look for Tacts app setting, turn "Clear History" on. The next time you restart Tacts, call history used by Top Contacts will be cleared.
Contact View
Why are contact view pictures distorted?
This is a bug related to iOS4 upgrade. This issue does not affect iPhones that were reinstalled from scratch. Upgrading to iOS4.1 and Tacts 1.0.2 resolves this issue.
Why are custom ring tone not available when I edit contact information.
iOS firmware does not allow 3rd party apps to configure custom ring tones
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