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Tacts Description
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Tacts is an iPhone contact manager that combines smart features, comprehensive group management and an elegant user interface to make connecting easy.

Tacts Top Contacts Icon

Top Contacts
Easy access to your next call.
  • provides a list of top contacts based on call history and location.
  • can help you identify who should be on your favorites list.
  • lists top contacts within each group to minimize scrolling.

Tacts Group Management Icon

Groups Management
Organize contacts for easy recall.
  • allows you to create custom groups on the go.
  • sorts contacts within a group by name, company, city or state.
  • enables you to send group emails.
  • additionally for iOS4.0: group text messages (group SMS).

Tacts Smart Groups Icon

Smart Groups
Groups that organize themselves.
  • automatically manages contacts within a group through user defined rules.
  • allows you to match a contact's name, address, company, note, phone or email.

Tacts Favorites Icon

Multi-action Favorites
One tap to connect.
  • provides favorites that call, text, email or map a contact.


Eastern Asian Language Indexes
Use the right index to sort your contacts.
  • Chinese Zhuyin.
  • Chinese Pingyin.
  • Japanese Kana.

Tacts Design Icon

Fun and Functional Design
Easy and customizable.
  • uses a familiar and simple interface that minimizes effort.
  • provides over 60 icons to customize your groups.
  • uses iPhone's built-in address book so contact changes can also be seen by other apps.