We are getting to know more and more people who are interested in iOS development, so we would like to provide a list of resources that we found helpful in learning this trade. We hope to improve this list as time goes on, feel free to comment and tell us about other useful learning tools (web sites, tutorials, videos, books, etc.) for iOS / iPhone development.

Starting from Scratch
If you are don’t have much programming background, we recommend learning to C language to start with.

* C Programming Language
– classic text book to gain a solid background in C

Learning the Language: Objective-C
Once you have a good grasp of C, then you can learn the Objective-C the language used for iOS development. It is probably a good idea to also have some Object Oriented programing background before you begin.

* Programming-Objective-C
– solid introduction to Objective-C
* Cocoa Programming for Mac OSX
– a good intro, but not all chapters are relevant to iPhone programming
* The Objective-C Programming Language
– Apple introduction to the language.
* Cocoa Dev Central
– concise short tutorials to Objective-C and Cocoa

Beginning iPhone Programming
Now start learning the basics of iOS development with these resources.

* iPhone Programming
– not read yet, but on my wish list
* Beginning iPhone Development Exploring the SDK
– good intro and covers lots of detailed coverage for UI programming
– it lacks more in depth topics like Core Data, performance tuning, etc.
* iTunes University: Stanford iPhone programming videos
– great lessons and covers many topics