We have just launched Tacts 1.4.2.   This new update includes SkypeOut integration, MMS and new group icon sets。

[SkypeOut Integration]

Tacts now makes it easy for you to use SkypeOut to call your contacts.  Tacts contact view now features a second page which provides a Skype button.  Pressing this button automatically launches Skype and calls your contact without having to copy/paste phone numbers.

What are the benefits for using Skype via Tacts?

  1. Finding contacts is easier with Tacts compared to Skype.  So you can now use Tacts as an entry point for making Skype calls.
  2. You can create “Skype favorites” in favorite list as a short cut for contacts you Skype often.


Tacts MMS button allows you to attach files easily by launching the native Message app.

You can also create “MMS favorite” in favorite list for quick access.

[New Icon Sets]

Tacts 1.4.2 also introduces four new sets of group icons.  You can purchase these icons via the app store or using virtual silver and gold currencies.  We hope these icon brings your groups to life!

Jack’s Beans

NiNi’s Cottage

Metal Icons

Tin Robots